IT Platform of the Company

Platform as a Service (PaaS) — is a model of cloud computing services that provides you access to information technology platforms. In other words, it is a range of various operation systems, database control systems, middleware, development and test tools, placed on our AGS server in Germany. The whole information technology infrastructure of this model, including computing networks, servers, storage systems are completely controlled by the provider Arloid Online. You will be able to use platforms in a protected virtual environment, to set, develop, test and implement application software on them, meanwhile dynamically changing the number of system resources employed.
Application work-time based charging will allow you to avoid capital investments into infrastructure and platforms, peak performance and non-core expenditures for direct servicing of the whole complex.

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Cloud computing in informatics is a model providing a convenient network access to a large pool of
configuration resources,
e.g. a server.

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The main advantage of the SaaS model for the user is that there is no need to pay for the installation, update and maintenance of the equipment and its software.

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You do not have to spend money to purchase a fax machine and set up the fax connection line. Arloid Online will provide you with a fax number working 24/7.

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