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Cloud computing in informatics is a model providing a convenient network access to a large pool of configuration resources, e.g. a server, at any time.
Cloud computing allows a significant decrease in information technology infrastructure cost (in short-term and mid-term plans) and a flexible response to the changes of computing requirements, due to computing elasticity of cloud structures.

AGS® (Arloid Group Server) – is an up to date closed private cloud model, providing a full range of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) services. One of the main objectives of AGS® is to protect the information of the companies and private clients against unauthorized access to their local networks. AGS® also provides a range of services to deal with simple and complicated tasks in an office of any size.

AGS® consists of two units:

green-point IaaS – provides a remote Server (or system of Servers) or virtual space on a remote Server, depending on the size of the Company and difficulty of the tasks. High-performance equipment is placed in one of the world’s best data centers, which belongs to the German Corporation HETZNER® ( The location and equipment of the data storage have played the key part in our choice – your speed and traffic is only limited by your Internet service provider’s capacity

green-point SaaS – remotely provides your office with a full package of Microsoft® products and other software; efficient structure solutions for your virtualized workflow and document circulation; your own corporate local network within the space protected by Article 42 of the Republic of Germany Federal Law, the Directive on the Protection of Personal Data Transmitted through Telecommunication Channels of 1996, Information and Communication (Multimedia) Services Law of 1997 (Informations und Kommunikations dienstegesetz IuKDG).  Data exchange between personal computers and networks is always encrypted, whether it is your corporate e-mail or online-banking.

AGS® Operation Principles and Products:

green-point No data is stored on the working computers in your office. All the data is kept in a remote local network.

green-point Your employees use leased Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Redmine and other software remotely, with the help of sophisticated data encryption systems. There is no need to buy expensive products for each computer.

green-point Each employee has a personal account and individual access rights to certain directories and programs on your Server.

green-point Simple and convenient workflow and document circulation AGS® system. A suitable solution is "superimposed" on your corporate structure and adapted to it. We will train your personnel and guide you through the implementation of®.

green-point Cloud professional software renting service for the Company management and accounting automation and strategic collaboration with the Clients in accordance with the objectives and the country legislation. We will select an appropriate program, adapt it according to your needs, train your personnel and provide constant technical support.

We approach each Customer individually, which means that you will get exactly what you need, being able to change your options at any moment.

Our Technical Support Service, alongside other Services, are based in Dubai (UAE). We have diversified the risks by separating our key services:

green-point Servers in the data center in Germany

green-point Remote access provider Arloid Businessmen Service LLC and personnel in the UAE

green-point Software lessor Keylis Group LLC in Russia*

*in case of providing software in CIS countries, Moldova and Ukraine.

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The main advantage of the SaaS model for the user is that there is no need to pay for the installation, update and maintenance of the equipment and its software.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS) — is a model of cloud computing services that provides you access to information
technology platforms

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You do not have to spend money to purchase a fax machine and set up the fax connection line. Arloid Online will provide you with a fax number working 24/7.

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